Our values of People, Inspire, Excellence are fundamental to the continued profitable growth of NM Group and are part of our culture, our brand, our business strategies and behaviours.

Our values are at the core of who we are and what we cherish. These concepts are embedded within our diverse working environments, from offices to construction sites, and within our working relations.

Our values have been established since our foundation in 1946 and this ethos has continued in all our work. We have always placed our people at the forefront and as we embrace the continuing changes in our industry, we continue to focus our work around our three main core values:


Our family values are and always have been at the core of our business. We recognise that it is our people who are better together, working collaboratively and embracing innovation, so that we can aspire to deliver excellence in everything we do.


We offer a range of placements, internships, work experience schemes and position for graduates and apprenticeships because we believe that by inspiring each other and the community around us, we can continue to deliver excellence in everything we do. Inspiring the wider community is very important to us as we continue to educate and inspire people to enter the construction industry and offer them career paths within our growing business.


In addition to the above awards indicating employee excellence and the level of support we invest in our employees, we strive to provide excellence in the quality of all our work. We aim to always meet and exceed their expectations. This is achieved through our adoption of the latest quality standard, ISO 9001:2008. Fundamentally we believe that with excellent people and an excellent ethos, we can deliver an excellent service to all of our clients. Delivering excellent results through our people and growing talent from within continues to be our strategy.