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Nomenca Limited is a Subsidiary of North Midland Construction PLC Group (NM Group). It has been trading since its inception on 4th June 1998.

Nomenca Limited is a specialist service provider with an extensive range of capabilities; Nomenca operates in a variety of industries as a specialist Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Automation (MEICA) Contractor providing consultancy services, design and construction, operation and maintenance of assets. The subsidiary also provides project management of turnkey civils and MEICA schemes.

Nomenca Limited also has a complementary product portfolio encompassing CE marked fabricated products, chemical dosing package plant and systems for water and wastewater applications, wash water booster sets, package pumping stations and package UV treatment systems. This is further enhanced with an Operation and Maintenance service for various blue-chip clients’ asset portfolios.

Sectors which Nomenca Limited operates in are:

  • Water
  • Power
  • Government
  • Waste to Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Materials Handling

Nomenca Limited’s design services have recently been strengthened and process schemes completed in North America, Brazil, Thailand and Denmark, as well as the ongoing support of the Drakelands mine in Hemerdon, Devon for G R Engineering/Wolf Minerals. Drakelands is one of the world’s most important tungsten mines, producing about 3.5% of world demand for tungsten.
Drakelands mine contains the world’s third largest tungsten and tin resource.

Nomenca's journey of excellence

The Chemical Dosing department of Nomenca Limited have been awarded the Commitment Marque of Excellence following the assessment from NoEE. 

                                                    COM Marque


Cobham Pumping Station

Use of laser surveying equipment allowed the entire pumping station and inaccessible intermediate platforms to be fully surveyed in a safe manner within half a day.

This generated a ‘point cloud’ and from this an intelligent 3D solid model of the pumping station was produced. Animation software was used to obtain buy-in from operations as to the future removal of pumps from a congested area.

UV Rig

Skilled Assembly Factory Environment (SAFE) is a part of our culture and all schemes are assessed as to how we can maximise off-site build solutions, with particular reference to our online electronic catalogue which contains >200 off-site build assemblies and modular systems. Our design and innovation teams have access to this on-line library as well as our Innovations database and all off-site build solutions are reported on project specific TOTEX logs. We optimise the use of factory assemble and modular construction to minimise the amount of time on site and the associated health and safety risks.

This time lapse video shows the construction of a UV Rig built in this environment.