What we do




Maintain and Service

Product Manufacturing

Sectors in which we operate

Private and public sector

  • Water
  • Defence
  • Materials Handling
  • Industrial
  • Energy
  • Paper
  • Government
  • Charitable Trust
  • Rail
  • Food

The resources we have

  • High quality waste water and water treatment products and systems
  • Specialist technical plant and equipment

Our capabilities

  • Provision of experienced and quality personnel providing expert advice and solutions
  • Specialist technical capabilities
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, BS 11000 standards
  • Design services
  • Specialist project management delivery
  • Turnkey and Stand-alone MEICA Solutions
  • Programme management MEICA Design, Process Design, Pressure Vessel certification
  • 3D laser surveying & modelling
  • Asset Optimisation
  • BIM

Our strategic partners

  • Customer and supplier Integration/Collaboration
  • Supply chain management delivered by Nomenca
  • Supply chain initiative: Partners for delivery (P4d)

How we fit into the value chain

Aftercare / Maintenance

Use of Facility

Solution / Build and Implementation

Bespoke Solutions

‘Off the shelf’ Modular Solutions

Design / Scope Solution

Consultancy / Evaluation / Advice

Customer Need / Niche Requirement

How value is realised (monetised)

‘One Stop Shop’ offer supported by:

  • Group structure
  • Modular designs and solutions
  • Client specific solutions
  • Excellent client relationships & repeat business
  • Skilled Assembly Factory Environment (SAFE) initiative

How value is preserved

Long term:

Investment in our people.

Medium term:

Investment in processes.

Short term:

Investment in systems.


EFQM Business Model.

Shareholder value and returns