Waste Recycling

The NM Group operates an on-site Waste Treatment Facility from Head Office in Nottinghamshire.

The centre was designed to receive waste with a low polluting potential which is not biodegradable for recycling and reuse from the Group’s construction sites and other sources. 

A Waste Management Licence was granted to the NM Group in 1998 and permits the Group to receive waste, for example, comprising subsoil, topsoil, rock, stone, tiles, slates, sand (excluding foundry and silica sands), brickwork and concrete (hard­core and well-weathered tarmac) for recycling and reuse.

Prior to the Waste Treatment Facility waste would have been sent to landfill, now the NM Group is able to recycle waste from projects and has also created an amenity for local companies to recycle their waste and procure recycled products. All aggregates produced meet the WRAP Quality Protocol and are certified to a standard e.g. Type 1, 6F5.