Mar17. Bamford Main

NMCNomenca’s Asset Management Services (AMS) team successfully used a helicopter to transport safety equipment to Severn Trent Water’s (STW) Bamford Distribution Service Reservoir in the Peak District.

NMCNomenca’s AMS team were contacted by STW to repair two leaking pipes coming from a reservoir on private land. STW were keen to rectify the issue as quickly as possible as the leak was causing supply issues to the village of Bamford.

In order for the works to be carried out a shoring box was required to protect the team whilst they repaired the pipes.

The main challenge for the team was access, as they needed to cross two fields and travel up a steep incline to reach the reservoir. This wasn’t helped by the unfortunate weather conditions leaving the fields waterlogged and difficult to traverse. Previous attempts to get the shoring box to site had failed due to the difficult terrain and the only solution was to transport it by air.

Pennine Helicopter’s were called in and carried out the lift which took approximately 20 minutes, enabling the NMCNomenca team to carry out the repair work swiftly.

Utilising the helicopter offered a cost effective, speedy solution to an extremely difficult location.

Mar17. Bamford Small

Date: 10 March 2017