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£1.4 million

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Nomenca Limited

£35.5k CAPEX savings through Modular SAFE approach

At outline design stage the team identified that they could provide cost saving innovations. The original scope stated that the existing panel was to be removed and replaced with new; incurring significant cost. Our proposal was to manufacture the new panel within a kiosk; which could be manufactured in-house and transported to site ready to be connected up.

Green Amb Logo 2016Barrow WwTW won the World Green Ambassador Award 2016.

What is SAFE?

SAFE stands for our 'Skilled Assembly Factory Environment' approach to modular construction and offsite build. This has delivered significant reductions in potential health and safety risks, CAPEX and time on-site as well as enhanced quality. This has been achieved through package treatment plant, precast solutions and off-site assembly to numerous clients.

The Nomenca SAFE Catalogue: 

"Doing something different to add value

The SAFE Catalogue has been introduced to promote and provide easy access to a range of factory made, cost-effective, Nomenca products that reduce operatives’ exposure to the hazards of site working. The products produced off-site in a safe environment are to a standard design that provide a consistent high quality site installation at reduced cost. Easy selection and ordering, timely delivery and quick installation are what you need.

Technical overview of the scheme

Barrow WwTW Centrifuge enabling works comprises the supply, install, test and commission of the following equipment to process 2600m3 of sludge per week over five eight hour days. Each eight hour day of process is to include one hour start-up, six hour production and one hour shutdown:

  • Centrifuges - fully automatic duty / assist sludge centrifuges, acoustically enclosed with free unhindered access for maintenance and connected into the odour control system.
  • Strain Press
  • Conveyor - each centrifuge has its own conveyor. The conveyors terminated in the existing cake storage room at a suitable height to enable free discharge into a road trailer.
  • Control System - replacement of existing MCC, PLC, cabling/cable management, instrumentation. Inclusive of new starters for all sludge handling and associated equipment. Also incorporation of remaining site equipment currently housed within the existing MCC.
  • Flow Meters, Pipework and Valves.
  • Grit Removal - overhaul of the site detractor No.2 back to original performance specification and United Utilities Standard Specification M07. Ensure that cross flow velocity over the detractor is set at 0.1m/s at average flow rate and shall not exceed 0.3m/s at peak flow rate. Carrying out of multiple dye tests in order to achieve optimum inlet baffle settings to give an even flow and velocity across the detractor.
  • Odour Control System - connect and balance the new sludge handling equipment into the existing odour control system.
  • Booster Set - install into the sludge press building potable water supply a suitable fully integrated potable water booster system and associated equipment.
  • Telemetry - installation and test of all alarms required for the sludge process system.
  • Access Structure - supply and installation of suitable access platforms and stairs required to allow free movement of personnel, maintenance or operational adjustments on the equipment installed.
  • Poly System - manufacture, delivery and installation of a fully integrated automatic polymer make-up, storage and dosing system and associated equipment.
  • Sludge Pumps - duty / standby centrifuge sludge feed pumps and sludge transfer pumps with all associated equipment.


Barrow WwTW saw the first use of BIM 5D Model, providing construction phase time-line model with detailed cost capture/reporting and earned value analysis.

TOTEX Approach: Reducing H&S risk, increasing reliability & improving customer experience.

Early contractor involvement enabled us to design the following elements as package plant. These were fully pre-fabricated in house at Nomencas Warrington facilities before being transported to site for connection in one delivery:

  • Strain Press Feed Pumps & Pump skid.
  • Strain Press Building & Equipment.
  • The Strain Press, Valves, Cable Trays, Wiring & Control Panel to be modularised with the top section of the portal frame including the strain presses.
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