Key Information


Ambergate Reservoir


Severn Trent Water

Final Value

£16.8 million

Delivery Division


Being commissioned over 100 years ago, the Victorian reservoir is now nearing the end of its life.

Severn Trent Water has invested twenty years in conducting studies as to whether refurbish or replace the asset. Construction of a new reservoir was chosen as the best engineering and economic solution and construction works commenced in April 2014. NMCNomenca will be replacing the existing reservoir with two new structures, which together will increase the storage capacity of the reservoir.

The first structure will be built next to the existing reservoir at 138m long and 100m wide. This will be able to store two-thirds of the required capacity for the completed project. When this is brought into service, the existing structure will be demolished and building works on the second reservoir will commence within its footprint. With 100,000m3 of material needed to be excavated over the life of the scheme, this will be designated and stockpiled for re-profiling of the site on completion. All rock that is dug will be crushed on-site to provide a suitable fill material, as will the concrete from the old reservoir when it is demolished.

Putting the customer first

A Community Liaison Group has been set up to represent members of the local community and other stakeholders who may be affected by construction activities. At the meetings, the group are provided with details of project proposals, and an update on progress and future activities on a regular basis.This provides an opportunity to discuss any matters of concern with the Ambergate Project Team and give feedback on how the works are received within the community and what impact the project has on local residents.

The group has formed a sub-committee to develop opportunities for Community Support, and the committee will receive and consider requests for funding of local initiatives which will provide a significant and lasting legacy for the villages which are the immediate neighbours of the Ambergate Reservoir.

Additionally the Ambergate team started their community support initiative by providing help to the organisers of the ‘Whatstandwell Festival’ which took place in June 2014. Responding to a request for assistance from the Festival Committee, NMCNomenca provided: safety barriers, a refrigerator and standby lighting generator to keep revellers safe during the festivities.

Ambergate STW