Walter Hall Primary School

Key Information


Walter Halls Primary School, Nottingham


Nottingham City Council

Final Value

£1.1 million

Form of Contract

JCT 2011 Intermediate

Delivery Division


Walter Halls is situated on a split level site and involved the construction of a new foundation unit. The project consisted of a faceted building, which provides an economical solution with the rear half consisting of an insulated earth retaining wall structure, and the front half maximizing internal / external relationships, with a glazed elevation separating internal open plan area from external play areas.

The foundation unit has been designed to have minimum impact on its surroundings. It is single storey and has been partially set into the landscape. The design took some of the ideals of the forest schools which are popular in the Scandinavian countries, where learning takes place within the natural resources surrounding the school in all weathers. The decision to adopt a flat roof design not only maintains a low profile but allows the roof area to become useable with the installation of decking and glass block rooflights.

The technologies used in the new foundation unit include:

  • Heat recovery (mechanical) - winter saving 60% of internal heat.
  • High level of building fabric insulation.
  • Airtight building with controlled ventilation.
  • Rainwater harvesting - water filtered for re-use of flushing WCs.
  • On site generation of power / heating (use of heat pumps i.e. coefficient of performance (COP) is approximately 3.5 so for each 1 kw of electrical power input, 3.5 kw of heat output is generated).
  • Promotion of cycling / walking - improvement in health and wellbeing.
  • Consideration of procurement methods, including local labour, transport journeys, etc.
Walter Hall Primary
Walter Hall Primary