Supply Chain

Tomorrow’s competitive advantage will be born out of the value and innovations created through the way we construct and manage our supply chain, today.

The alignment and integration of our suppliers and partners ensures that our clients receive a consistent standard. The approach is achieved through:

  • Understanding the organisational vision, values and strategy.
  • Consistency of application from suppliers and partners ensures a seamless service.

NM Group Supply Chain Management philosophy is built in line with our core values.

Clients continue to drive innovation and efficiency as key drivers for delivery. To meet these challenges we continue to invest in our Supply Chain and Procurement department. We aim to continue our focus on engaging with our partners and ensuring that our supply chain is sustainable enough to meet customer demand, bringing value through cross fertilisation of ideas and knowledge.

We continue to pursue preferred supplier agreements with our strategic supply chain, developing and building on long-standing relationships and formalising agreements to the benefit of all parties. Committing to working with selected suppliers at a programme level rather than a project level enables the NM Group to enjoy the benefits of leveraged procurement opportunities via a consolidated supply chain.

NM Group have been successful in achieving approval to the British Standard for Collaborative Working: BS 11000-1:2010.


All suppliers are required to comply with the following NM Group policies; 

Third Party Access Policy

Supplier Security Code of Conduct Policy


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