Health And Safety 1

Our overarching business priority is keeping people safe and continuing to invest our time and resources in performance improvement.

The vision of NM Group is to achieve a record of workplace Health and Safety that reflects our position as an excellent employer and one of the safest places to work in the world.

Our Health and Safety strategy has been built around a set of core beliefs and further develops our success in previous years. NM Group proactively uses the information and data collected, along with analysis of accidents and incidents to drive initiatives within the business and wider supply chain.

For more information please see our Integrated Management Policy.

Core Beliefs

Everyone has the right to go home safely at the end of the day.

Everyone has the right to work without suffering harm.

We each have personal responsibility for health and safety of ourselves and others.

We have a responsibility to learn from information that we collect.

Supply chain integration is essential to achieving our goals.

Good health and safety performance is business critical.