We are committed to high standards of Corporate Governance.

The Board of Directors, under its Executive Chairman, R. Moyle, consists of five Executives, all highly experienced in the construction industry, and three independent Non-Executive members. Details of their biographies can be viewed on the Our Board page.

The Board is fully aware of its duty to present a balanced and understandable assessment of the Group’s position and prospects, and this is included in our latest Annual Report.

The Board has overall responsibility for the Group’s systems of internal financial control, and for monitoring their effectiveness. The system of internal controls is designed to manage rather than eliminate the risk of business failure; to achieve business objectives and can only provide reasonable not absolute assurance against material misstatement or loss. The Directors have established an organisation structure with clear operating procedures, lines of responsibility and delegated authority within the limitations of the size of the business. These controls are established in order to safeguard the Group’s assets, maintain proper accounting records and ensure that financial information used within the business or published, is reliable.

The risk management processes were in place for the full year to 31 December 2015. The procedures are constantly reviewed throughout the year along with the operational risks across the Group and prioritisation of those risks identified for further action. This is carried out primarily at a management level and reported up to the Board and as summarised within our latest Annual Report.

The Board has three committees, Audit, Nomination and Remuneration, with the full Terms of Reference available below: 

Nomination Committee

Download Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

Download Terms of Reference