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NM Group are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment by continually improving performance in key areas. The NM Group are fully accredited to BS EN ISO 14001 and CEMARS.

The Group are committed to utilising sound environmental management practices that minimise potential negative impacts associated with the activities we undertake. This ensures the highest standards are met and environmental compliance is maintained. 

Our project teams work to mitigate environmental risks associated with our activities and find innovative solutions to enhance the environment and ensure continual performance improvement. These teams work hard to ensure consistent delivery of environmental, social and economic value. 

We continually monitor legislative changes and relevant training is provided to ensure all employees, suppliers and subcontractors comply with applicable laws and regulations. Briefings are given to ensure all parties are fully aware of their responsibilities. Group policies and procedures are subjected to regular reviews to ensure risk is minimised. 

NM Group's Environmental performance is reported annually, find out more in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.



Reduction In Waste 2015Reduction In Fuel Consumption 2015Reduction In Water 2015


NM Group maintain a proactive approach in relation to raising awareness, implementing new initiatives and are focussed on creating a sustainable business for the future. In 2016 the Group achieved 2 Green Apple Awards for environmental best practice, with Nomenca Limited receiving the 'Green World Ambassador' award. 

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