Student Team

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the forefront of our forward thinking business.

NM Group believe that there are many recognisable benefits for companies who choose to adopt an effective business­-led approach to issues of CSR. Recognising the importance of, and implementing an effective and maintainable CSR policy has the potential to develop and increase both the integrity and respect of NM Group within our industry.

We maintain openness, clarity and honesty within all aspects of our organisational procedures and activities. Our Vision for CSR is to be a responsible and active contributor for our people, our business, our community and our environment.

We commit to investing in our people and providing them with a safe place to work, where they feel motivated, give their best to improve business performance and recognise that their efforts have an effect on the communities in which the Group operate.

Whilst the Chief Executive has primary responsibility for CSR, all Directors are responsible for ensuring that the needs of our people are met and for selecting suitable CSR projects where our resources can be applied.